#ShareAReviewDay – Children of the Mist by Hywela Lyn

Thanks to Marcia Meara for featuring the second book in the Destiny Trilogy on her blog today!

The Write Stuff

This afternoon, Hywela Lyn is back with a review of her second book in the Destiny Trilogy, Children of the Mist. I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading this one, and will pass it along to the Immediate World, via social media. Thanks so much!


Orchid –Long and Short Reviews
5 Stars and ‘Best Book’

A viral plague decimates the people of Earth Colony Niflheim. First their telepathic powers disappear cutting them off from the rest of the planet, then death takes them from their loved ones. 

The elders call representatives from all the settlements to gather at Gladsheim. Their aim is to send a telepathic message to the stars to the only person who can help. 

Vidarh arrives at Gladsheim as the representative from Sleipnir. The manner in which he arrives startles the people of Gladsheim, especially Tamarith. Vidarh takes an instant liking to Tamarith but realizes she…

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#ShareAReviewDay – Starquest Book 1 by Hywela Lyn

I’m featured at #The Write Stuff’ today.

The Write Stuff

This morning, please help me welcome Hywela Lyn to The Write Stuff. She is sharing a review of her Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel Starquest, Book 1, and I know you’ll enjoy reading it, then sharing far and wide. Thanks!

Review by Snapdragon – Long And Short Reviews
4-1/2 stars

A love that will carry the heroine across the galaxy; a challenge that will threaten her life. Starquest by Hywela Lyn leaps into the deep end of galaxy right from the start, as the Jaii-onboard-computer announces a calamity that is but moments away. The navigational corrections are not enough, the starship’s drive is compromised; prepare to abandon ship…

Starquest kicks off with a literal bang, and you will feel your heart thumping at the race to abandon ship. The heroine, Jestine Darnell, is setting off on a desperate quest and does not quite know why. Her personal trajectory is impossible to predict…

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Furbaby Friday with Author Hywela Lyn

Thanks to Beth Trissel for hosting me on her lovely blog today.

One Writer's Way

I am glad to welcome fellow Wild Rose Press Author Hywela Lyn to the blog with a very touching Furbaby Friday post as she shares her beloved horse, Harri, and her wonderful sci-fi romance Beloved Enemy.

(Harri–Welsh Cob)

Lyn: I had to think long and hard when deciding which furbaby – or furbabies to feature on for my spot for Furbaby Friday. Should it be one of my beloved dogs, now gone over the Rainbow Bridge, my first dog Bob, Bonny the beagle, Hans, the most loyal of little dogs who was by my side at the lowest times of my life, Bouncer, the dear little rescue, who had been cruelly abused by his previous owner but was the most loving and gentle little dog, my current ‘rescue’ Choccy, who is a real character… Dusty the stable cat? Then there are the ‘big furbabies’, the horses. Max, my…

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#Character Interview

Reflections of an old git

Today we are privileged to have a double character interview from acclaimed author Hywela Lyn. The characters are from her new novel, Beloved Enemy.

BelovedEnemy..jpgCharacter Interview

  1. What is your name and how old are you?

Cat  – I am Catrina Kincaid and about twenty five years old in Earth time, although it is hard to be completely accurate when interstellar travel is involved.

Kerry: Kerry Marchant. I would put my Terran age as late thirties – but as Cat said it is difficult to be precise  due to the time dilation phenomena involved in faster than light travel,  

  1. Do you have, or have you ever had, a nickname?

Cat: I’m always known as ‘Cat’ although it’s not really a  nickname, but I think it suits me much better than Katrina. She glances across at Kerry and grins. I don’t think anyone would dare give Kerry…

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